Get Ready for Springtime!

Get Ready for Springtime! aj McsNra2VRQQ unsplash

Here are some house improvement tasks that can be done to prepare for springtime:

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts: Clear out any debris that may have accumulated during the winter months to prevent water damage to the house.
  2. Inspect the roof: Check for any damage or leaks that may have occurred during the winter, and have them repaired if necessary.
  3. Paint the exterior: Give the outside of the house a fresh coat of paint to prepare it for the warmer months.
  4. Power wash the exterior: Use a power washer to remove dirt, grime, and mildew from the exterior of the house, windows, and deck.
  5. Check and service HVAC systems: Make sure your air conditioning system is in good working order and schedule a maintenance check if necessary.
  6. Clean windows: Clean windows will let more light in and give a better view of the spring blooms.
  7. Landscaping: Start working on your lawn and gardens, planting new flowers and shrubs, mowing the lawn, and cleaning up dead leaves and debris.
  8. Check and repair decks and patios: Inspect decks and patios for any damage or wear and make repairs if necessary so they are ready for outdoor gatherings.