Damaged Wood Sheathing, Rafters & Beams

We’re proud to provide Residential & Commercial clients with high quality home improvements since 1974. Our team is proficient in all aspects of home repairs, including Damaged Wood Sheathing, Rafters & Beams repair in the dc area why us. Our experienced craftsmen have over 40 years of experience and are ready to help you get your house up and running again quickly

From simple wood repairs to major structural repairs, we have the expertise to get the job done right! If you require a professional contractor that practices quality craftsmanship and has decades of experience, trust us to do what it takes to repair damaged wood sheathing and boards.

There are many reasons that your home could be damaged by the harsh weather. Damaged wood sheathing can lead to major structural damage and potential water infiltration, creating a dangerous environment. We can inspect your home, provide a full analysis and estimate of repair costs, and give you an explanation of what needs to be done to repair any damage to your home

Did you know that damaged rafters are the number one cause of water damage in DC? If you have problems with your bathroom floor, foundation, or attic and don’t know how to fix them, take care of all of your home improvement needs with a local company that has years of experience.

Our Services include repairing of damaged house beams, columns and walls. Our team of expert engineers ensures that all necessary safety measures are taken during the repair process

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We dispatch our expert teams to your home to inspect the damaged wood sheathing, rafters and beams on your property and determine how best to repair the issues with minimal disturbance. We’ll then carry out a full inspection and recreate a record of what exactly was damaged including quality photographs before we can give you an estimate and begin on site.

Damaged Wood Sheathing Rafters & Beams architect handling keys to a couple